Staff FAQ

Q: What if I sign up to volunteer but I find out later that I cannot volunteer anymore?

A: Email ASAP.

Q: Do general volunteers get to interact with the prospective freshman as well?

A: Yes, general volunteers will have some opportunities to interact with the prospective freshman based on their assignments. If you are really passionate about interacting with the prospective freshman, apply to be a group leader!

Q: What kinds of activities do volunteers assist with?

A: General volunteers mostly help with setting up and cleaning up the venues we use for our events, but you may get the chance to interact with the participants based on your assignment.

Q: Can only freshman volunteer?

A: Not at all! Everyone is welcome to volunteer or apply to be a group leader. We only require that hosts live on-campus in the dorms.

Q: Do group leaders have to be available on Monday as well?

A: No, we understand that group leaders have classes to attend. If you are available though, we would love the help! Please sign up for volunteer shifts on Monday.

Q: Does a lot of work go into being a host?

A: Hosts are only required to house the student(s) overnight in their dorm room. The student will provide their own toiletries and sleeping bags. You are welcome to take your student out at night for your own activities, as long as they are safe and appropriate. You must also bring the student(s) back to Alumni House by 8 am on Monday morning.

Q: What will I gain from volunteering my time to OSP?

A: You get to show off your school spirit and welcome some of the new generation of Cal Bears. You get to be part of a very important decision process for these students and help them really understand Cal before committing. You also get a $5 gift card for every shift you volunteer, as well as snacks and a T-shirt!

Q: If the incoming students really want to see something not on their schedule can we take them?

A: If you are a group leader, you are required to follow the program schedule and bring your group to the correct locations on time. Hosts are allowed to take their students to locations not specified on the schedule after the program is over for the day, as long as the activities and locations are safe and appropriate.

Q: Do we get free meals?

A: General volunteers will not be provided with meals, but snacks will be available. Group leaders will be provided with lunch and dinner.

Q: Can we take participants to our classes?

A: We will have a schedule on Monday of classes that participants are allowed to attend through prior approval from the instructor. We ask that participants only go to these classes so as not to disrupt other classes.

Q: What are the sleeping accommodations for the students that we host?

A: Participants have been told they will sleep on the floor, and will bring everything they need to stay for the night.

Q: What qualities do I need in order to be a good group leader?

A: Cal spirit, enthusiasm, and a willingness to devote a day to spend with a group of curious prospective freshman. We also have an orientation on April 7 from 10-12pm to get you caught up and trained!

If you have any further questions, please email us at