Program Schedule

This is the OSP schedule for Sunday and Monday. Students and parents will be assigned to Group Leaders who will be answering your questions and taking you to each event during OSP. At times, students and parents have different programming, occurring concurrently. The events marked with an asterisk indicate that students and parents will be at different locations, attending different events. Don’t worry too much about locations and timing. Your Group Leader will be there to take you through the whole day. This is just meant as a reference.

In case of emergencies, call 911 or use the blue light poles around campus. If you need to contact us, please call (415) 343–5932.


11:30 am – 1:30 pm

Check In & Campus Tours

You will receive a specific check-in time once you purchase your ticket. Once you check-in, you can go on a campus tour. Location: Alumni House

1:45 pm

Group Leader Introductions*

Get to know your fellow students and parents! Location: Students at Haas Pavillion & Parents at Alumni House

2:15 pm

Welcome Session

Welcome Class of 2023! Location: Dwinelle Hall 155

2:40 pm

Student Panel*

Hear from current students. Location: Students in Dwinelle Hall 155 and parents in Dwinelle Hall 145

3:25 pm

Discussion Sections or Professor Office Hours*

Students will break out into small groups so you can ask questions about your major. Parents will hear from a Berkeley professor. Location: Dwinelle Hall

4:05 pm

Student Expo

Get to know some student organizations. Location: Upper Sproul Plaza

4:30 pm


Upper Sproul Plaza

4:45 pm

Picture Time!

Upper Sproul Plaza

5:00 pm

Dinner & Student Dorm Tours or Parent Panel*

Students will eat at Cafe 3 or Crossroads and tour a residence hall. Parents will eat at Alumni House and hear from Cal Parents.

7:10 pm

Dessert Reception

Mingle with Cal Parents and alumni & enjoy dessert. Location: Alumni House

8:00 pm

Big C Hike or Parent Happy Hour*

Start at Alumni House. Students will go up to the Big C, while parents will go to Raleigh’s Pub to networking with Cal Parents. This concludes the parent programming.

10 pm

Host Pick-Up for Students

Alumni House


7:30 am

Host Drop-Off & Breakfast

All guests should arrive by 8:00 am. Overnight students will be dropped off by their host and breakfast will be available for all guest.

9–10 am

Adulting 101 by Bank of the West

Adulting 101 gives you an overview of some of the responsibilities you’ll have to take on living on your own. Parents, this is a great opportunity to learn about some resources on campus to help students develop a personal self of responsibility. Adulting 101 is presented by Bank of the West, the official bank of UC Berkeley.

10 am – 12 pm

Resource Expo

Campus department like L&S Advising, Cal Housing, UCPD and more will be available to answer questions.

9am – 12 pm

Students Attend Class

12 pm – 1:30 pm

Lunch & Closing

Lunch will be provided by a Berkeley classic, Top Dog.

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