When does the program end & start?

The program begins at your custom check-in time on Sunday (you will receive an email with this time) and ends at 1:30 pm on Monday. This is applicable for both sessions of OSP.

As a parent, can I accompany my child throughout the program even if I don’t have a ticket?

We would love to have you, but we are sad to say that this is not possible. Only admitted students with a ticket for OSP will be allowed to participate in the student program. If you would like to participate in parent activities, you must have a ticket for the parents’ program.

I am a parent accompanying my student OR a student participating in the non-overnight version of the program. Are there any hotels or nearby accomodations recommended in the area?

If your student purchased a ticket on Eventbrite then they will receive an email with access to discounts from our hotel partners.

Do the parents’ program events overlap with the students’ events? Will I see my child during the day?

Yes! Although the two programs differ, there are many events throughout the Overnight Stay Program in which parents and students participate together.

Eventbrite is not allowing me to process my signup and payment. What do I do?

Try using a different browser or contact Eventbrite directly.

If I am not able to attend either of the OSP sessions, how can I come explore Cal?

If you are unable to attend either of the OSP sessions, we would recommend taking a campus tour or coming to Cal Day which is Saturday, April 13th 2019!

Is there someone I can reach out to discuss accommodations (ie. dietary restrictions, wheelchair access, ASL interpreting, etc.)?

While you are registering for OSP, there will be a question on the form asking about any accommodations. One of our OSP Coordinators will reach out to you to discuss how we can assist you.

How are the non-housing and housing program options different from the students?

The program is the same. The only difference is that at the end of the day, students participating in the overnight option will stay overnight in the residence hall, while students in the non-overnight option will leave with their parents.

Where will I be sleeping for the overnight option of the student program?

You will be sleeping in a student’s on-campus residential hall. Please keep in mind that Berkeley students are opening up their dorms to admitted students and have limited space in their already full rooms. As a result, OSP participants are requested to sleep on the floor. We recommend bringing a sleeping bag and a sleeping pad. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

Can I have a copy of the program schedule?

You will receive a link to the program schedule a week before you arrive in Berkeley.

Can I check-in early?

Early check-in is not available due to the number of guests. You will receive a specific check-in time so that wait times are minimized. Once you are checked-in, you will go on a campus tour. We will be checking in more people than the average capacity of a Boeing 777–300ER so we request that you arrive no earlier than your check-in time.

Can I drop-off luggage before check-in?

Early luggage drop off is not available due to security reasons. During check-in, you will drop off luggage at Alumni House and it will be attended by an OSP staff member during the entire duration of Sunday’s programming before you pick it up for your overnight stay.

Can parents attend classes?

Parents cannot attend classes due to capacity issues. The classes that we make available to students are already enrolled at full capacity. We have requested permission from professors to allow prospective students to attend their classes, but inevitably, this creates a disruption during class. Therefore, we can only allow students to attend classes during their time here at OSP. On Monday morning, parents will be able to speak to OSP staff 1-on-1 and go on campanile tours.

Contact Us

If you still have any questions, please email us at osp@casa.berkeley.edu. We will do our best to respond within 48 hours. However, we are students busy with midterms and projects just like you or your student. If you need a refund, please request it through Eventbrite.

We also have a customer service phone number available at (415) 343-5932. Calls will be received from 10 am to 5 pm every day. Students are answering phones calls in between classes and meetings, so for faster service, please email us at osp@casa.berkeley.edu. If you can’t get through, we are likely helping another guest.

PLEASE NOTE: If you send us an email with any of the questions listed in the FAQ’s, you will not be guaranteed a response to your email. We understand that OSP does sell out fast, however, we are a student-run organization with limited resources and we cannot accommodate everyone. Hopefully, you will be able to experience Cal through other resources such as Cal Day and campus tours.