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Coordinators are a very important part of CASA’s leadership team, and play a strong role in creating and executing the programs and logistics of all CASA events. We welcome all Cal students to apply from across various years and academic departments!

Coordinators can expect to learn general professional skills working in a large organization as well as specific departmental skills depending on division and previous experience. All applicants are encouraged to reflect on their previous experience as well as teamwork and collaboration skills when applying. We have an open and inclusive culture, where we encourage members to learn and grow from each other.

The Spring 2019 application is now closed.

Our Departments

Alumni Events

The Alumni Events Department plans all details of our annual student-alumni networking events including Top Dog with Top Dogs, Legacy Night, and the Networking Brunch. Coordinators will also assist the director in planning our first large-scale fundraising dinner, The Campaign for CASA. Coordinators will also help improve the guest experience for students and alumni.

Internal Affairs

The Internal Affairs Department is responsible for organizing professional and social events for the internal CASA leadership team. The department plans the internal Big Bear Little Bear program and facilitates bonding between the board of directors and coordinators.

Overnight Stay Program

The Overnight Stay Program (OSP) Department is in charge of organizing 2 sessions of a program that welcomes admitted students and their parents to UC Berkeley to help decide if Cal is the right fit for them. Coordinators will assist the director in planning and executing the program that serves over 700 guests. Coordinators would not only be a large factor in helping to create OSP, but would also assist in thinking of ways to better improve the guest experience or streamlining the program as a whole.

Professional Development

The Professional Development Department organizes workshops, company tours, coffee chats, and other programs designed to give students valuable professional skills. Coordinators will work with alumni and other student organizations to plan and execute internal and external professional development workshops.

Marketing & Communications

The Marketing & Communications department is responsible for event marketing and promotion as well as managing alumni and student communications. We will implement marketing activations for our business partners as well as analyze ROI on marketing initiatives and digital platforms. By working closely with Cal Alumni Association’s marketing department, we will also develop joint campaigns for greater alumni and student engagement opportunities and business development.


The Technology Department is responsible for the development and launch of the CASA app and implementation of any digital initiatives. Android and/or iOS app development knowledge is required.

Event Logistics

The Event Logistics department organizes staffing, event layouts, and event execution strategies. It is also responsible for collecting and providing feedback on all of CASA’s events to advise the board of directors on how to proceed so CASA as a whole can continue to improve the quality and effectiveness of its events and programs.


The Accounting Department focuses primarily on drafting budgets, handling reimbursements, and presenting spending along with resulting budgets to other departments. Coordinators will assist the director and the Chief Finance Officer manage a $100,000 operating budget.

Business Development

Business Development focuses on fostering and sustaining professional relationships with potential sponsors. Coordinator responsibilities will include contacting businesses to organize sponsorships, fundraisers, brand partnerships, staffing CASA events, and presenting CASA as a valuable brand to private business.


The scholarships coordinators will assist the director in the execution of the CASA scholarship activities. This includes planning events/activities to enhance the leadership and development of the 2018-2019 OSKI Scholars, along with aiding in the OSKI projects. The scholarships coordinators’ responsibilities include alumni outreach, making decorations/catering decisions, coming up with activities, and leading medium-scaled events. The coordinators will also be responsible for communicating with OSKI scholars and alumni, and aiding the director in planning the scholarship’s role for future years.